There’s power in our words

As a daughter of an entrepreneur I’ve always loved the idea of the lifestyle. Guess you could say I have always romanticized the idea of entrepreneurship even though I saw first-hand the struggles of my father’s businesses, his achievements and where those experiences have brought him. He still works crazy 60 plus-hour work weeks, takes few vacations and yet, he loves it and takes great pride in the company he has built: just as any entrepreneur would and should.

I have the same itch my father does and I’ve tried multiple DS/MLM companies that have made many people millions of dollars; however, they just weren’t for me. One thing I found in common with all these companies and other successful business owners is that they all read books regularly. I’m always reading something, even if it takes me three years to read a 600 page book. LOL  It is not my strength and it is something that relaxes me to the point of falling asleep. Yet, it is an integral part for successful entrepreneurship and the success of Innovatus.

The number one topic in all the business books I’ve read was about intentional self-talk a.k.a. positive self-talk, a.k.a. speaking your future into existence, etc.  Being intentional about your self-talk (how you talk about yourself and how/what you THINK about yourself) is more than just being impeccable with your word. It is about taking responsibility of your thoughts, words and actions. When you’re intentional with your self-talk you will create action. A while ago I worked with an incredible coach (Candy Barone) who helped me to create a crystal clear vision of who I want to be in life and what I want to achieve. She created my Life Script.

“I now am in the process of reevaluating my life, and I am expanding my opportunities to make exciting new changes. I am abundantly growing my circle of friends, creating the means to be my own boss and experiencing more time with my family.”

When my Life Script was written, a large part of it was about being free and not just financially free, but feeling liberated from the world of corporate America and it’s restraints on who I am, gaining quality time with my family, and having a social life again. But first, in order for that to happen I had to change how I saw myself which meant my self-talk. Here is another sample of positive-intentional self-talk:

“I choose to be healthy. I know I am in control to make the changes I want to see. I am strong and capable. My workouts are a way to achieve greater success. I fuel myself with good food in order to maximize my results, get fit, and begin to live a healthier lifestyle. I am capable of making my own change happen” – Candy Barone Y.E.S. Infinite Possibilities in the Power of Y.E.S.

There is a great power in what we say and how we perceive ourselves and an even greater correlation between this and our successes.

I challenge you to speak positive self-talk to yourself multiple times a day and watch amazing results manifest! What is your positive-intentional self-talk?