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Car decals for $30!

More of This A Little of That is a vinyl art company. We can do everything from car decals (ranging from $20 and up—$30 for 12×36) to fun nail and wall art!

Do you need help promoting your business? Order a window decal for your car. Do you love to decorate? We have creative wall art/ vinyl decals for every room in your home. If you need a custom order (direct sales companies or something you want but don’t see) let me know what you want and an aprox size and I would be happy to give you a quote.


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Deep roots darling…

In the words of Namaste Moore:

“Deep roots darling. This is why external growth matters not. As a gardener I’ve seen time and time again that the strongest and most healthy plant is not the one with lush foliage. It’s the plant with strong deep roots. That plant can withstand some wind, some insects eating the leaves and even some disease. But too often the focus is on the leaves because of how it looks. Roots are unseen. They are hidden. They’re not flashy and they won’t give you a bunch of praise. But they well totally, absolutely increase your joy in life and your fruit in Love. Feed the roots darling, and everything blossoms from there.”

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