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Organic Heart!

Join #MyCo and #RescueYoga for #OrganicHeart2015 in Carrollton, Texas! June 20th from 2-5pm. There will be live demo’s, tips on the organic lifestyle and how to incorporate it into your daily routine, shopping, and vendors.

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Organic2U to be at Organic Heart!!!

We are so excited to have Organic2U join us for MyCo’s first Organic Heart event! They are an amazing company that delivers organic produce to your doorstep in the DFW area! They too are committed to supporting local owned businesses as they specialize in organic produce–event MEATS!!!–and their farmers are all local to the DFW area. This is a REAL happy face for us as we love our organic meats!

Organic2U’s farmers are located in Springtown, Mission, Celeste and more! They have delicious recipes, community connection and tips on how to stay active! Visit their site for a complete view on Organic2U and learn about their mission.

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RSVP To Organic Heart

What is Organic Heart? It’s all things organic from produce to supplements.

Who should attend this event? Anyone who is interested in learning more about the organic lifestyle and who wants to connect with local-owned businesses.

What will be at the event? There will be 20 vendors, all offering organic products and services, product samples and food tastings, networking and opportunities to support your local-owned organic company.

Exhibitors wanted!