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5 event ideas that attract customers

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5,000 new referral partners in just 45 minutes on LinkedIn!

Helpful LinkedIn Tips to grow your network:

1) Visit your contacts’ connections and look for someone who could be a potential referral partner where you both would benefit from a business relationship.

2) Ask your first connection if they wouldn’t mind you using their name when connecting with that 2nd connection. Something like this is appropriate:

“Hello Sam!
I see you’re connected with FIRST AND LAST NAME. I was going to reach out to him, do you mind if I mention your name?
Thanks, and hope business is going well!
Your Name”

If your goal is to have 5,000 referral partners in 3 months and with a average 70% success rate you’d need to reach out to 7,142.86 prospects in 90 days. Sounds like a lot? Let’s break it down—that’s 79.37 contacts A DAY. This should take no more than 45 minutes (or less for some).

Now, that’s 45 minutes to dramatically change your referral partner network and business!

Come back in 90 days and tell us how you succeeded!

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