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What is MyCo?

MyCommunity (MyCo) is a virtual and physical promotions organization designed to promote small businesses to their communities, new clients, other small businesses and to outlying markets. Join MyCo today to promote your business; membership is free. You retain the control of your brand and product and promotion of both while we do the work of promoting you!

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event establishment, event promotion

Organic2U to be at Organic Heart!!!

We are so excited to have Organic2U join us for MyCo’s first Organic Heart event! They are an amazing company that delivers organic produce to your doorstep in the DFW area! They too are committed to supporting local owned businesses as they specialize in organic produce–event MEATS!!!–and their farmers are all local to the DFW area.¬†This is a REAL happy face for us as we love our organic meats!

Organic2U’s farmers are located in Springtown, Mission, Celeste and more! They have delicious recipes, community connection and tips on how to stay active!¬†Visit their site for a complete view on Organic2U and learn about their mission.

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