Fact #4: Good SEO Is Data-Driven

Original post from Search Engine Land.

Fact #4: Good SEO Is Data-Driven

This May at SMX London, I had a fascinating discussion about this with some SEO consultants. We all agreed that poor planning creates poor results. And when search marketing fails, you can’t blame Google or SEO itself — only yourself and your poor planning!

It’s time that business leaders accept this. If only a tiny fraction of what you do is effective in bringing you desirable results, why repeat everything that doesn’t work again next year? Stop doing it!

There are prospective customers you haven’t yet reached because your planning and execution is sub-optimal. That’s because you aren’t getting important things done, and it is increasing your rate of failure. By engaging these prospects and establishing a relationship, you can boost sales.

That’s why you should take decisions based on facts, not gut instinct. Digital analytics are critical for this purpose.

Not only must you cull the right data to review, you must actually know what you’re looking at — and how it is relevant. Unless you are able to weed out things that don’t matter, you’ll only keep guessing and taking unnecessary risks… eventually driving your business into the ground.


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