That’s it! I’m ditching electronics!

I LOVE my Outlook categories, written calendar (there’s just something about writing things down on pen and paper), and phone reminders that gets me excited about following up with people! It’s something I can say “check! I’m done!” and move on to the next task. Not that every one-on-one appointment I have is about completing a task but there’s something about saying “done!” that makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished something great. And that is something us entrepreneurs struggle with…celebrating the small things alongside the big events and accomplishments. But what happens when those electronic reminders fail us???

This week as I was in the process of moving out of state, un-packing, managing my screaming kiddos (5 and 2 years old), and hosting my parents (whom so graciously flew in from out-of-state to help unpack) I completely forgot about a meeting I had with a potential elementary school for my eldest. This was the 2nd meeting I missed all because my appointment reminder didn’t go off. I felt horrible, absolutely horrified and embarrassed. Because I, Hannah Quijada, do NOT miss appointments and I am not that person.

Yet, it happened. Life happens. So, what do you do? I went back to the school groveling for forgiveness and thinking about how to prevent this from happening again…

What would you do? How do you prevent yourself from loosing your mind when the electronics in your life fail? How do you follow-up if/when it happens? What are your techniques?

Picture credit www.mynewnormals.com


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